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Bacterial biofilms and disease PowerPoint Presentation

Bacterial biofilms and ailment - PowerPoint Presentation Example Distinctive bacterial species explicitly append to various surfaces and could total with different species or a blend of animal groups. The association and structure of biofilms are intricate. Channels are available for the flow of supplements. The various locales show distinctive articulation of qualities, highlighting utilitarian heterogeneity. Sessile or connected biofilm networks can offer ascent to nonsessile microorganisms that can quickly duplicate and scatter. Along these lines, bacterial biofilms are not effortlessly destroyed by customary anti-toxin treatment, which can prompt incessant bacterial diseases. Some biofilms have advantageous impacts, for example the anticipation of colonization of tissues by exogenous pathogens (colonization opposition). Biofilms forestall pathogen colonization is because of the creation of acids, hydrogen peroxide, biosurfactants. At times, the vanishing of defensive biofilm demonstrates the nearness exogenous pathogens. Dental plaque, found on teeth surface additionally ensures by a similar component. The multiplication of biofilms in specific cases can result in biofilm that can cause clinical ailments, for example, caries, gum disease, and periodontitis. Beside oral contaminations, utilization of implantable clinical gadgets and weakness in the individual’s have safeguard instrument results in biofilm infections. Intense diseases can be dealt with adequately with anti-toxins aside from those that are brought about by anti-toxin safe strains. Nonetheless, numerous irresistible illnesses are brought about by bacterial species by microscopic organisms that are regular in nature or are living in the human bodies. Be that as it may, the greater part of the irresistible ailments that influence gently undermined people include bacterial species that are commensal with the human body or are normal in our surroundings. Surfaces of clinical gadgets that are utilized in diagnosing or rewarding bacterial contaminations can hold the nearness of sludge encased microscopic organisms (Table 1 and Figure 2). Ceaseless bacterial diseases that are

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Discussion 4- social interaction Essays - Robert K. Merton

Conversation 4-social collaboration In inquiring about the courses of World occasions and how they've happened in Man's aggregate history, we can watch a plenty of what Robert K. Merton has begat as inevitable outcome. If an individual or gathering engages a particular point of view on a given subject, they will take into account, and sustain that previously established inclination to fulfillment. W. I. Thomas' hypothesis clarifies this procedure, and I can think about an extensive rundown of unavoidable outcomes that were purposefully misused as a way to a particular end. Call something as characteristically hazardous to man, sufficiently uproarious and long enough, and it gets truthful. Spreading efforts pursued against in any case harmless things to serve its partner or adversary, have been a severe piece of society since the beginning of Man. Absinthe, cannabis, and constant masturbation, all piece of an extensive rundown of boycotted things. All results of what I call supported predisposition acknowledgment (spreading efforts) and what Merton calls unavoidable outcome. At the point when a gathering or society considers an issue a problemit turns out to be such. A valid example: The Transgender Bathrooms Conundrum Five years back, America, I expect, had generally the same number of transgender people as the present, yet it was not the social issue it has become today. I imagine that the advancement of the unscripted TV drama Staying aware of the Kardashians, and in this manner Bruce Jenner's transgender change urged Americans to pose inquiries that our aggregate heart as a general public presently can't seem to reply. All things being equal, I'd need to state that I concur with W. I. Thomas' perceptions as a theorybut it likewise exists as a real piece of Man's penchant for inclination realizationintentional or accidental; regardless of whether I concur with those realities is unimportant.

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Lessons Learned in the First 12 Months of Being a Startup CEO

Lessons Learned in the First 12 Months of Being a Startup CEO “It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.” â€" Bill Gates © | lenetstanIn this article, we will look at 1) personal lessons, 2) product and marketing lessons, 3) operational lessons, and 4) hiring lessons.PERSONAL LESSONS LEARNED WHEN BEING A STARTUP CEOMike Evans, co-founder of the internet-based food ordering website highlights his main misconceptions as a first-time entrepreneur. One of which is:1. Your Time Is Not Free.At the beginning of any new venture, the entrepreneur usually spends a lot of time doing most of the work herself. This often means product development and design, market analysis, selling, marketing and all the financials. Whatever needs to be done is done and this translates into long work hours. All this is done for no cost at all. More than money, the cost here is opportunity. When there is an attempt to complete everything with little or no prioritization, then there is the ever present danger of letting important, value-adding tasks slip through the cracks. Evans suggests looking at you r time a bit differently.“Because it is so hard to get a comprehensive prioritization of tasks in a startup company, I usually ask a few short cut questions. If my time cost me $500 per hour, would I be doing this task? Can I get that hour back in profit?”, says Evans.These questions can help a startup CEO spend her time where it matters most.Martina Iring, a small business marketing consultant also shares her top lessons from her first year as an entrepreneur. She says:   2. Be Prepared for Ups and Downs.Many first-time CEOS who are entrepreneurs look forward to the freedom that comes with being their own boss. This is not as easy a situation as it appears to be. There are many days full of downs when it is hard to stay motivated and where it becomes difficult to live with instability and insecurity. The fun and excitement of entrepreneurship takes a backseat and there can be a sense of being overwhelmed. This feeling is part of the package, however. Iring remains positive,“T here will be ups and downs in all things in life. It doesn’t mean you should give up or that you made the wrong decision. You probably just need  a little extra TLC. The upswing is right around the corner.”3. It Will Take Longer Than You Plan For.Another common mistake made by entrepreneurs is the assumption that once the business is set up, things will move quickly and the company will be ready to go. Often, the time assumption is downright naïve because setting up a business requires a lot of work, and a lot of unforeseen issues and problems can crop up unexpectedly. Something new always needs to be addressed and handled. There is no timeframe that can be applied generically, but every entrepreneur needs to make a realistic time estimation based on their industry and its peculiarities.4. Be Prepared to Spend More Money.As with the incorrect assumption of time, there is a tendency to overestimate when the cash will start flowing in. Even if the business is up and running and p roduct sales start picking up steam, there are expenses that will crop up and need to be managed. Most often however, it takes time for the product to become known and for sales to grow. Therefore, it is important for the entrepreneur to have contingency plans in place to manage finances in difficult times.5. It Will Require More Smarts Than You Anticipate.A new CEO is required to perform many different roles and wear as many different hats. There will be a need to think on your feet, learn on the go and acquire new skills every day. All sorts of new abilities will be picked up and more boundaries will be pushed than were ever thought possible. This learning process needs to be anticipated and embraced right off so all the necessary information is absorbed and used effectively.Another entrepreneur, Larry Kim, is the CTO and founder of WordStream. He shares his five reality checks as a founder. 6. You Are Not Really Your Own Boss.Kim says that if you take on investors, you will not r eally be as in control of your company as you want to be. Without investors, your customers are your ultimate boss. These customers may be a whole lot more demanding than a traditional boss ever can be. Ultimately, there may end up being less freedom and a lot more responsibility in a startup business as compared to traditional employment.7. You May Not Get to Do More of What You Are Good At.An entrepreneur may get into a business because of her passion and interest. But with the launch of the business, there is an influx of other activities that need to be done and there may be a need to find other people to do tasks better than she can. The most enjoyed hobby can become tedious when it becomes full-time work and a livelihood. Eventually, the entrepreneur needs to make herself redundant by building a strong team and helping them grow and develop.8. You Always Have Something to Lose.When an entrepreneur sets out to create a business, there is always the threat of failure, as somethi ng like 80 percent of all businesses fail in the first year. To reach success, the business has to make a splash and become known. This means that a possible failure will also be immensely public and can often bruise the entrepreneur’s pride. To avoid this feeling of shattered ego, it is important to stay as positive as possible and ignore those who are discouraging and looking for you to fail.9. Turning the Dream to Reality Is Indescribable.One positive lesson cited by Larry Kim is the feeling of watching your dream become a reality. He says,“I greatly underestimated just how awesome it really is to show up at work and watch your company grow over time, and to watch the dream become a reality.”The overwhelming experiences of a first office, the first team celebration for an achievement, an industry award or happy customers are difficult to anticipate.PRODUCT AND MARKETING LESSONS LEARNED WHEN BEING A STARTUP CEOMike Evans also has lessons for the product and marketing aspects of a startup. Some of these are:1. All Ideas Do Not Need to Be Kept Secret.Often, entrepreneurs are excessively paranoid about a new, seemingly unique idea being stolen by competitors while it is being developed. This paranoid mindset can continue well into a mature growth stage. However, if the concept is sound and the management team competent, it is better to focus on achieving success through competitive differentiation than a lot of secrecy. A product idea is only made better when it is closely scrutinized and studied, especially by those that make up the target market. So at the design stage, it is necessary to have the product go through a period of trial and error which cannot be done when secrecy is the foremost concern.2. Not everything is about Speed.With a new idea, entrepreneurs are often tempted to run with it to ensure that their customer base is secured before everyone else. This problem crops up every time a new opportunity is explored. The idea behind the urgency is that once the customer is in hand, they will be kept in hand. However, this is not always the case. True customer loyalty, the kind that is long-term, comes from the quality being offered rather than how fast a product was offered. It is the best that wins, not the first. So take the time to develop the right product tailored to directly serve a customer need, and you will be in a better position for long-term and sustainable success.Entrepreneur Nathan Beckord shares his experience as a first-time startup CEO. 3. Identifying Customer Needs Is Just the Beginning.Though the process of identifying customer needs and creating things that people want is imperative to a successful product, this element is just one part of the entire picture. The other big chunk is to eliminate the many possible barriers to adoption that may exist. As the product goes through the trial and error process as well as different iterations, these barriers are better identified and addressed, helping to crea te a product with the potential for long-term and sustainable success. This is not a one-time activity, but an ongoing process.4. No One Will Care in the Beginning.Beckord believes that an entire generation of entrepreneurs has the mistaken belief that a great product will market itself. This is not true in most cases, and is definitely not the norm. Even the best startups need to make the effort to create an interest and noise in the market to get the right attention. There may be an initial spike of interest, but this is often short lived and needs sustained effort to continue.5. Everyone Needs Early Evangelists.Brian Chesky of AirBnB says, “It is better to build something that 100 people love than 1 million kind of like.” This is why all startups benefit greatly from spending time and effort to create an initial group of super users or champions. These early adopters tend to be passionate about the product or service and are more likely to tell others and give necessary and v ital feedback on the product’s performance. An additional benefit is that their enthusiasm can act as a motivator for an entrepreneur who has been facing issues and negativity from other channels.6. Not Everyone Will Like What You Are Offering.There is every possibility that some people will never like what you are selling. These can often be those people that you really want on board but just will not see eye to eye. This rejection can take some time to accept. The need to win these people over can consume an entrepreneur and turn into an obsession. According to Beckord,“Ive now come to realize that although persistence is indeed a critical trait for entrepreneurs, at some point it’s time to recognize when a deals not going to happen. In short, don’t let ‘Deal OCD’ become a detriment to your overall business.”7. Sell More Than the Product; Sell What Users Can Do with It.A philosophy espoused by Steve Jobs is that it is important to highlight the benefits that can be p rovided by the product rather than the features that it has. People may not be able to relate to a list of features, and may not be able to recognize how these apply to their lives. But with benefits, everything offered can become relatable when pitched to the right segment of the market.8. Building Products Is Fun.Product development can be an extremely exciting and rewarding area, much more so than is often expected by those entrepreneurs who don’t usually work on the product exclusively. The entire process from the idea, prototype, feedback, design, build, launch, feedback to the final iteration is extremely rewarding and very gratifying. OPERATIONAL LESSONS LEARNED WHEN BEING A STARTUP CEO1. You Always Have Competition.Evans believes that it is a difficult practical task to identify individual companies that are in competition with your business. Direct competitors often seem less threatening because the customer base appears to be big enough for everyone to be able to functio n successfully. This is a narrow view of the competitive arena and can land the company into trouble. Instead, a more realistic competitor analysis will look at all companies and products in competition for the customer’s money.2. You Are Not Smarter Than Others.Often, an entrepreneur may have the mistaken notion that she is better than all the others out in the market. The customer however, will not automatically rank one company over the other based on assumed smartness. Instead, it is vision, organization, patience, passion, discipline and humility that are drivers of success.3. Online Knowledge Can Be Invaluable.It is never a good idea to assume that you have all the knowledge needed to become successful. Constant research and knowledge gathering can be an invaluable asset for the company and the CEO. The first source of this information can be the internet, where there is a variety of diverse resources available, both free and for a fee. A busy day and a crammed schedule can make this seem like a useless activity, but it is extremely important to fit this into the plan.4. Use Professional Help Where Possible.A small business startup is often cash strapped and the startup team or entrepreneur is usually trying to handle all aspects of the business themselves. This do-it-yourself attitude can also come at a price. In the long run, the additional costs of hiring an accountant or a marketing professional will be balanced by the time, effort and energy you save to be diverted into other key tasks. HIRING LESSONS LEARNED WHEN BEING A STARTUP CEOJenn Steele is the Head of Growth at RecruitLoop, an online recruitment marketplace. She shares her insight into hiring lessons for startups. 1. Co-Founders Often Disagree on Who and What Is Needed.The only way to achieve unanimous decisions is to operate in a situation where there is one founder. Any more than one and there is bound to be a difference of opinion. This is to be expected and the entrepreneurs should be prepared to take the time to work out differences and reach an agreement.2. The Perfect Person Is a Myth.Since there is no perfect employee that will fulfill all criteria set by all those who are involved in hiring, it is necessary to be prepared to compromise on some aspects. Requirements can be broken down into good-to-haves and must-haves. Priorities may also shift once interviews begin and actual people are across the table.3. The Right Person Will Work for What You Can Pay.If you find a person that you really want to work for you, it is worthwhile to spend some time negotiating with them and hoping that they are also flexible. This can help reach an agreeable set of terms where both parties are satisfied and eager to work together. But it is also important to know when to let the candidate walk if their expected salary is just not making business sense.4. You May Not Need Management at the Beginning.Depending on the nature of the business, the first hires may be developers rath er than managers, or support staff rather than specialists. Middle managers and people focused solely on their own careers have no place in a startup environment. High-level strategists that can get stuff done or people who are great at contributing individually are actually needed most.5. Nothing Is Forever.Though you may think you have hired just the right people, you may have to rethink your decisions at a later stage. Perhaps the most qualified candidate is unable to fit into the culture you want to foster. The first people you hire may need to be let go as early as the first month or two. Despite this uncertainty, you can work with the right person for as long as possible to build the company.

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Creative writing

What is creative writing? One of most known forms of creative writing is novel, however it is not the only one. Creative writing also includes plays, short stories, comic books etc. The main characteristic of creative writing is that it has to be actually a writing which contains some imaginary elements. The author doesnt necessarily have to write about some unreal, supernatural, made up experiences but can definitely describe an event that has never happened. Creative writing is specific because even when you write about real event, as soon as you change some details or add something it becomes creative. There are few things that will help you to complete a successful creative writing. Before you will start your writing process, try to find the most comfortable place for this. You should be able to relax and to use all the creativity you have. Try to write your essay when you are active and full of ideas. Dont try to write if you feel that you have no ideas and desire to do this. The process of writing a creative story includes few stages. A person who will go through this stage will be able to write a successful story for sure. First thing that you should do while in writing process, is to find an interesting topic and inspiration. In order to find an interesting and exciting topic for your writing, try to think of something that you are interested in. Sometimes you may get your inspiration from some things that you have never though about, like religion, family, art, etc. In order to inspire yourself for creative writing try to use such techniques as brainstorming, questioning yourself, thinking about some meaningful events in your life. All this will help you to come up with few interesting ideas for your writing. After finding an interesting topic for creative writing think about it. Try to think about the subject and theme of the writing. You should identify for yourself what you want to write about. You can make short notes in form of an outline; this will help you to remember everything you wanted to mention in your creative writing. Next step in preparing creative writing is analyzing your audience and defining the purpose of the writing. While analyzing the audience, you should assume what type of readers will be interested in the writing. Also define for yourself what effect your creative writing should have on the readers . Do you want to entertain them, or to make them think about your subject? Having identified some basic concepts of your creative writing think about the style that you would like to use. Determine the form of creative writing you will use. Remember that the style and the language that you will use for your writing should be clear for your audience. After you complete the first draft of your creative writing try to revise it. It will be better if you will revise it few days later, because during this time you will get some new ideas that will help to improve the writing. While revising your paper, try to eliminate some unnecessary words. Keep your paper focused and make sure that it is really creative. Finally, dont try to restrain yourself. Unlike the formal essays creative writing is the piece of creativity; the part of yourself. Use the flight of your thought and let your imagination create. Good luck!

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National Public Health Performance Standards Program

In 1994 the Core Public Health Functions Steering Committee at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) released a list of 10 Essential Public Health Services (â€Å"The Public Health System,† 2014). This was an essential step towards making established public health organizations accountable and giving new programs a framework on which to develop from. This list outlines the foundation for the National Public Health Performance Standards Program. The ten essential public health services provide a way to assess the impact of these programs. This paper will explore and analyze case studies and the essential public health services they represent. Case One surrounds the issue of water fluoridation. The process of water samples being submitted for testing each month was described, along with which public health sectors the results are reported to. Krisberg states that the parameters for water fluoridation levels were first established in 1962. She also reports that the level of fluoride established at that time was 1.2 milligrams per liter. In 2015 this level was reduced to 0.7 milligrams per liter (Krisberg, 2015). Many of the ten essential public health services can be seen in the details of the first case study. The instance described in case one correlates most closely to the sixth essential public health service to â€Å"enforce laws and regulations that protect health and ensure safety† (American Public Health Association, n.d.). This case study was a prime example of how the publicShow MoreRelatedImproving Health Care Standards Of The United States957 Words   |  4 Pagesaccreditation programs will never eliminate all the disputes within medical facilities and services being accredited; it is vital that steps are taken to ominously improve quality and in doing so will reduce risk. Pursuing accreditation unveils a pledge to the improvement of quality in health care. Numerous certifying figures exist in the United States with each having their own particular zone of application. The Joint Commission is a health care agency known for its superior patient care standards. It cultivate sRead MoreA Major Reason For Performance Improvement Program Essay1508 Words   |  7 PagesA major reason for performance improvement project failures is the misinterpretation of an ongoing performance program. Prioritizing performance efforts would help an organization achieve early quality improvement goals and maintain adequate momentum for future QI initiatives. An organization should follow six step approach model for implementing and monitoring a quality improvement program. First step of a six step quality improvement program model should line up improvement initiatives with theRead MoreWhat Are Affordable Accountable Care Organizations?1337 Words   |  5 PagesACO is a group of health care providers (including primary care physicians, specialists, and medical facilities) that work in partnership and are collectively accountable for the cost and quality of health care they deliver to a specific population of patients. At the heart of each patients care is a primary care p hysician. The term ACO was originally coined in a Medicare provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Characteristics that differentiate ACOs from pre-ACA health care models are sharedRead MoreNational Committee On Quality Assurance1263 Words   |  6 PagesIV. NCQA The National Committee on Quality Assurance set the â€Å"gold† standard on health plans and their quality ratings. There was no other regulatory agency to oversee the health plan upon its initiation. Now we have other organizations; however NCQA provides the most stringent, ridged regulatory guidelines of the managed care organizations. In order for a health plan to do business with CMS, or state agencies, and to the public; they must show they meet NCQA guidelines. Health insurance hasRead MoreEffect of Nutrition on Academic Performance895 Words   |  4 PagesEffect of Nutrition on Academic Performance RGS6035.E2 - Chapter 1 Kurt Cornett Amberton University Effect of Nutrition on Academic Performance Every year millions of tax dollars are spent on school nutrition programs all over the United States. Legislators across the nation lobby for coordinated school health programs and place increasing emphasis on student nutrition. Television commercials remind kids to eat a balanced diet and food products aimedRead MoreJoint Commission Essay1285 Words   |  6 Pagesorganization that certifies more than 18,000 health care organization and programs throughout the world. Founded in 1951, the Joint Commission provides a national symbol of quality for health care as well as analyzes each organization’s commitment to meeting high quality performance standards. The Joint commission focuses on accrediting Acute Care Hospitals, ambulatory, behavior health, long term care, health care facilities, clinical laboratories, health care networks and hospice. Numerous of accreditationRead MoreRole Of Policy On Health Care Essay1094 Words   |  5 Pages Role of Policy in Health Care Student Name Institution Affiliation â€Æ' Role of Policy in Health Care Ek, R., Goolsby, L., Wengrovius, E. (2011).The national policy outlook for 2011. Policy Practice, 69(1), 16. The health care executives should actively coordinate in problem planning and preparation activities, striving to ensure that their exigency operations plan fits within the whole community plans and represents an accountable approach to the risks an organization might undergoRead MoreThe Importance Of Strategic Healthcare Programs919 Words   |  4 Pagesfor all health care facilities to provide appropriate levels of care as defined under this new law. It is then imperative to ensure all healthcare facilities has the staffing resources necessary to meet patient needs and satisfy new regulations.   Strategic Healthcare Programs (SHP) are used by agencies, it is a web-based analytics and benchmarking solution that gives home health organizations to effectively manage performance, remain compliant, and follow best practices. It is a performance improvementRead MoreCase Study Part Two. Ceirra Knight. Mha 624: Continuous934 Words   |  4 Pages Case Study Part Two Ceirra Knight MHA 624: Continuous Quality Improvements Risk Management Instructor: Rhonda Hatfield May 2, 2017 From the perspective of a health care administrator, I will identify, develop, and discuss strategic issues in planning a model by prioritizing issues facing a community when dealing with a natural disaster using the four MAPP assessments that align with the shared community mission. Lastly, I explain how you would promote collaborations among clinicalRead MoreComponents of the Quality of Healthcare Essay1380 Words   |  6 PagesOnce defined as â€Å"the degree of conformity with preset standards†...the standards of which care were judged was implicit and existed solely in the mind of evaluators (Sultz Young, 2014). Quality of care is a measureable aspect of healthcare though challenging, it can classify and enumerate poor and high-quality care. Measures are used to analyze how healthcare institutions perform in quality and in finance; the organization has a basis for understanding its delivery of care and for improving that

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Relationship Satisfaction Is An Important Part Of Romantic...

Relationship satisfaction is an important part of romantic relationships. A lack of satisfaction can lead to consequences in other areas of life and eventually, the destruction of the relationship. For example, job performance is heavily influenced by romantic relationship satisfaction. In a study by Greenhaus and Beutell (1985), they argued that poor satisfaction leads to poor job performance and vice versa. They stated this was to because these two spheres are â€Å"interdependent.† Satisfaction can also influence quality of health. Conflict in a marital relationship is associated with higher heart rates and blood pressure (Broadwell Light, 1999; Ewart, Taylor, Kaemer Agras, 1991; Flor, Breitenstein, Birbaumer Furst 1995; Frankish Linden, 1996; Kiecolt-Glaser, 1993; Mayne, O’Leary, McCrady, Contrada Labouvie, 1997; Morell Apple, 1990; Shwartz, Slater Birchler, 1994; Thomsen Gilbert, 1998). It is also strongly associated with depression and depressed syndromes (Beach, Fincham Katz, 1998; Fincham Beach, 1999). This relationship between marital conflict and depression seems to be bidirectional meaning depression is not only a result of conflict but also is caused by the conflict (Beach, et. al., 1998; Fincham Beach, 1999). Because a lack of relationship satisfaction can negatively affect so many important areas of life, it is important to understand what influences the level of satisfaction held in romantic relationships. One factor that has been shown toShow MoreRelatedRelational Theory Of Romantic Relationships1336 Words   |  6 Pagessituation that has been brought to the attention of many relational theorists. Studies have shown romantic relationships are challenged and go through various stages of relational maintenance that may not always be positive. However, the conceptualization of negativity in romantic relationships is often dismissed. As a society, there has been the glorification of love and how romantic relationships should play out. Whether it is through the representations featured in literature, film, music or otherRead MoreEssay On Social Anxiety1134 Words   |  5 PagesAnxiety, Relationships, and What to Do Introduction Social anxiety disorder is one of the most common mental illnesses in the United States. Chances are you know somebody who has dealt with this issue (Kessler, etc., 2005) because it causes one-third of the population to experience distress or disability. It can affect quality of life by generating fear of social situations and resulting in social withdrawal. One of the most central aspects of human life is having close relationships — particularlyRead MoreRelationship Between Relationships And Relationships1236 Words   |  5 PagesIn this paper I will be discussing romantic relationship, but first I feel we need to go over what a relationship is in the first place to see the difference between the two. Then I will define what I think a romantic relationship is. There are many different ways that someone could define relationship, but according to the Bella DePaulo from psychology today the definition for relationship is something that â€Å"covers all sorts of human connec tions, including ties to friends, parents, children, siblingsRead MoreHow Does Communication Affect Relationships? Essay1736 Words   |  7 PagesCommunication is one of the most important aspects in romantic relationships and different communication styles can affect relationships differently. Relationships can be both positively and negatively affected depending on the level of communication between the partners. This literature review will first define romantic relationships and explore what exactly happens in the development of these relationships. From the research found, individual’s age or sex did not necessarily affect the differencesRead MoreBiography Of John Van Epp s Ram Plan1701 Words   |  7 PagesRAM Plan (Relationship Attachment Model) which is an interactive model developed to illustration parts of relationships that create important connections. Included in the model is: Know, Trust, Rely, Commit and Touch. â€Å"The five fundamental dynamics are the depth to which you know, trust, rely on, have a commitment to, and have sexual involvement with another person. The RAM portrays these five dynamics in a way that explains their unique contributions to the bond developed in a relationship, as wellRead MoreThe Brain Is Wider Than The Sky1416 Words   |  6 Pagesfathom today. This mental state, depression has affected countless people throughout time. To get to our central point, depression causes deterioration in relationships, especially romantic ones. To understand how to mend relationships and build ourselves up as a community, we need to begin a discussion about depression within romantic relationships. It’s time to offer solutions and open communications with one another to help each other in this very human struggle. Depression affects 350 millionRead MoreSexual Satisfaction And Relationship Satisfaction700 Words   |  3 Pagesfundamental for most romantic relationships, but sexual gratification and relationship satisfaction have often been examined separately. In more recent years researchers have explored the association between sexual satisfaction and relationship satisfaction to gain a better understanding of how couples can obtain happy stable relationship (Schmiedeberg Schrà ¶der 2016). The purpose of this literature review is to explore the connection between sexual satisfaction and relationship satisfaction, as well asRead MoreThe Effects Of Personal Attachment Style On Romantic Relationship Satisfaction1718 Words   |  7 PagesStyle on Romantic Relationship Satisfaction Our earliest relationships in life can be deeply formative in shaping our development. Created by John Bowlby, attachment theory relates the importance of attachment in regards to personal development. According to Bowlby, attachment is the leading factor in our ability to form and maintain relationships as adults (Levy 2012, pg. 157). As human beings, we need to feel as if we belong (Cherry, 2016). We find this belongingness in our relationships and attachmentsRead MoreThe Priming Of Attachment Style And The Effects On Romantic Relationship Satisfaction1734 Words   |  7 PagesStyle and Relationship Satisfaction: The Priming of Attachment Style and the Effects on Romantic Relationship Satisfaction Milynn C. Scheer Point Loma Nazarene University â€Æ' Introduction Our earliest relationships in life can be deeply formative in shaping our development. Created by John Bowlby, attachment theory relates the importance of attachment in regards to personal development. According to Bowlby, attachment is the leading factor in our ability to form and maintain relationships as adultsRead MoreRelationship Between Long Distance Relationships1588 Words   |  7 PagesDespite the fact that relationships can be troubling, stressful, and even deadly, most of us are aware that we need relationships with others and that the quality of our lives depends on those relationships whether it is from friends or romantic partners. With the development of technology the evolution of long distance dating relationships are transforming. Long distance relationships used to primarily consist of handwritten letters with the occasional phone call in between. However, progression

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Richard Feynman Essay Example For Students

Richard Feynman Essay Richard Philip Feynman was born in New York City on May 11th 1918 to a middle class family that lived on the Southern tip of Manhattan. He grew up in a household where both of his parents poured into him their best qualities. His mother, Lucille, instilled in Richard a powerful sense of humor, which would be essential in forming his magnetic personality and eccentric lecturing style. His father, Melville, decided before Richard was born that if he were a boy, he would grow up to be a scientist, something that Melville himself had always wanted to be. And so guided subtly by his father, and given the power to laugh by his mother, Richard was set on a course that would eventually lead him to become a legend. At a young age it was apparent that he was scientifically inclined. In school, he was interested in all things scientific and loved math. At one point he even gave thought to becoming a mathematician. After high school, he went to MIT to study physics, and after four years of that he went to Princeton as a graduate student. During this time in his life, he became engaged to his high school sweetie, Arline Greenbaum. Halfway into his education at Princeton, Arline was diagnosed with tuberculosis, and was not given many years to live. So Richard married her and put his doctoral thesis on hold. Shortly after their marriage, a friend of Richard, Robert Wilson, came to Richard and told him that the government of America was looking for the finest physicists to help construct the atomic bomb. Otherwise known as the Manhattan project. At first Richard said no, but eventually his patriotism won over and he agreed to join the project. Upon agreeing to join the project, he moved to Los Alamos, where the research facility was located and Arline could move to a hospital in Albuquerque. In July 1945, Arline, the love of Richards life, finally succumbed to the dreaded tuberculosis she had been fighting all of this time. To escape the pain, he immersed himself in his work and the 1st atomic bomb ever was ready for detonation very quickly. With his work at Los Alamos done, Richard took a teaching position at Cornell University where he became depressed and believed that his lifes work was behind him. But as he was stewing in his own depression, more and more of the top universities were sending more and more lucrative professorships his way. And this was when what his mother had taught him really came into play to get Richards life back on track. Richard realized that it did not matter what others expected of him, it mattered what he could do with the rest of his life and still enjoy himself. And so he began working to finish his PhD thesis on quantumelectrodynamics, or QED for short. QED had to do with how one quantum state transferring into another, with all possibilities considered likely, and the end result would be the summation of all of the possible paths. After this he began to study a process called weak decay, in which an independent neutron decayed into an electron, a proton, and an antineutrino, thus becomi ng part in the discovery of a fundamental new law by which the universe was governed. In the 1960s after a short marriage to a woman named Mary Lou, Richard fell in love with a woman he met a professional conference in Great Britain. She would be his wife for the remainder of his life. Together, they had a son named Carl, and the adopted a daughter named Michelle. From 1950 on he taught at Caltech, in California, and about a decade after starting there he was considered by his colleagues to be the answer to the growing problem of the freshman physics department there. So he took the job away from his beloved research and never looked back. 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By this time, Richard had